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Time to increase High Yield investments

Last year may have ended poorly for the bond market that witnessed a red wave during the November-December sell-offs. However, 2019 has begun on a calmer note and valuations look attractive for long-term investors.

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Infographic: The Nordic fund market

Has an extensive variety of sectors as well as asset classes and is mostly dominated by investors of domestic origin. 

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Infographic: The Nordic equity market

The Nordic stock markets have given higher returns than the European stock markets and even outperformed the global stock markets by a significant margin. 

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Why choose the Nordics?

The social stability and sound political systems found in the Nordics are reflected in the high quality of the corporate bond market.

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Highlights from the Evli funds hub 2018

2018 is coming to an end. With this annual review, we offer a smorgasbord of our top read stories.

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Lessons from the November bond market sell-off

November saw a sudden spree of sell-offs in the fixed income market. Here is a quick look at why it happened, how the market reacted to it and what we learnt from it.

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Field guide to factor investing

Factor investing simplified. Here’s a quick guide on the concept. 

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Factor in the environment

Did you know that you could reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing returns or efficient diversification? Low-carbon factor investing filters out high-emission stocks for you without losing out on profits. Here’s how. 

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Evli Equity Factor Europe Fund

Outperformance, low carbon footprint, systematic process and rewarded factors. The fund in 30 seconds.

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