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Lessons from the November bond market sell-off

November saw a sudden spree of sell-offs in the fixed income market. Here is a quick look at why it happened, how the market reacted to it and what we learnt from it.

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Field guide to factor investing

Factor investing simplified. Here’s a quick guide on the concept. 

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Factor in the environment

Did you know that you could reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing returns or efficient diversification? Low-carbon factor investing filters out high-emission stocks for you without losing out on profits. Here’s how. 

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Evli Equity Factor Europe Fund

Outperformance, low carbon footprint, systematic process and rewarded factors. The fund in 30 seconds.

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4 factors that make you a successful investor

There are several factors that can be used, but only a handful of them have the academic community’s nod. 

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Investment outlook 2019

The key issues as we set our sights on 2019 are the progression of the global economic cycle, the inflation outlook, US and euro area monetary policies, globalization and world trade, political risks, the corporate performance outlook, valuation levels and the status of emerging countries.

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Regulating ESG the right way

There are confusions, there are uncertainties but ESG is the new reality. It would be great if the industry finds standardisation that takes into consideration all angles and viewpoints before making things mandatory.

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You need a local guide in the Nordic bond market

How would you pick a good investment in a market that doesn’t have a benchmark and where most issues are unrated? Navigating the unrated Nordic bond market isn’t possible unless you have a good active investment manager by your side.

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The Fed can't afford Christmas presents

The Federal Reserve has ceaselessly continued the tightening of its monetary policy which started in 2015. Last week the Fed hiked its target rate to 2.125 percent.
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